West Lynn Sunset

This is West Lynn, a relatively quiet and hidden street in the middle of Austin, TX.  She – I do believe it is a she – has a wonderfully laid back personality and she makes me feel like I have lived all my life in that small town of hers. Yes, walking down West Lynn makes you feel like you’re not in one of the States fastest growing cities, but in a sleepy small town somewhere.  She’s a part of the city and yet tucked away and hidden between two of the busiest streets in downtown Austin.

To the north of her flows Enfield road and to the south 6th Street, both massive rush hour concrete rivers with a seemingly never ending  flow of cars with people going to or from something.  A stones throw away from everything I love about this town – Deep Eddy, Barton Springs, Congress, downtown, town lake… and yet wonderfully – knock on wood – left alone and untouched by the frantic developing of this town. The condo madness has not yet come to West Lynn and I pray to God it stays this way. No – wait…as I write this, it strikes me that I am wrong; there are condos being built on West Lynn, right where she slopes down towards 6th street. Damn it. It has started here as well.

The tower that stands so majestic against the sky always  feels to me like a guiding beacon. Sometime last year in a powerful thunderstorm, lightning struck and the blinking light on top went out and stayed out for weeks until it was repaired.  While it was out, I felt like I was abandoned, like a friend had left and I know it sounds weird as it is just a gigantic pile of metal and wire and in no way a living being, but I really missed that little blinking light.

In some way time has been standing still here, but I suppose it is slowly catching up. Jeffrey’s recently remodeled and what used to be a somewhat pricy but yet inviting little restaurant and bar with great happy hour prices, is now an even more pricy restaurant with valets dressed in yellow/pink outfits serving the rich by parking their fancy cars.

Or am I just being prejudice?


Colorpencil on paper,

28″ X 22″



About David Fridlund

Born in Sweden 1974. Moved to Austin TX in 2009 w my wife.
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4 Responses to West Lynn Sunset

  1. Maria Thulin says:

    You’re so talented!

  2. Sara says:

    You should post a last post on your old blog with a like to your new blog.
    I Love You ❤

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