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Born in Sweden 1974. Moved to Austin TX in 2009 w my wife.

Climbing the Ladder.

Two days ago, I hung my artwork at Downtown Subscription, a really great cafe here in Santa Fe, NM. This is a place that invites you to sit and read, work on your laptop and sip on a coffee for … Continue reading

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Trails, Trials and Tribulations

“On Norski Trail” 2018. Color pencil on paper.   Life has been throwing challenge after challenge at my wife and me for many years now, health, money, friendships…we’ve been through a lot together and we have endured somehow. One thing … Continue reading

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The Light at the End of the Tunnel.

“Sam’s Auto” Color pencil on paper, 2015. Sold. Sometimes when I doubt myself and feel like a total loser, I have to remind myself of all the things I have accomplished in life. I went from a miserable 16 year … Continue reading

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The World Outside

Looking Out At the World Outside. This is Max, peeking out the screen door. He’s a rescue and he came to us in 2012 along with his “sister”, Neko.  They’re indoor cats, their world is our apartment and they seem … Continue reading

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All the Things I’ve Been.

I’ve been a lot of things in my life: I’ve been happy and sad, successful and a total failure. I’ve been popular and shunned, I’ve been responsible and completely irresponsible, fast and and slow, dull and glowing.  I’ve been a … Continue reading

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The Magic of Trains.

“At the Rail Yard”, color pencil drawing, 2017 “Santa Fe Train Station”, color pencil drawing, 2017 I live in America, the land of the car, a country where in most places you need a car to get around; public transportation … Continue reading

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In the Darkest Hour.

They say there is light to find even in the darkest hour; when all things are collapsing around you and you are alone on a road that seems to be leading you nowhere, there is hope. I want so badly … Continue reading

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